Meet the Capek Prize | Youcan Robotics Won the Capek Prize for Technology Innovation 2017

Release Date: Apr 24, 2018

On the evening of April 21st, the 4th Capek Awards Ceremony was held in the Longemont Shanghai Hotel. The event was co-sponsored by the Capek Committee and Robot-China. More than 700 industry experts and industrial robot companies, service robot companies, artificial intelligence companies, system integrators, parts enterprises, scientific research institutions, and investment institutions gathered here to witness the announcement of the Capek Prizes winners. Youcan Robotics(Shanghai) Co., Ltd won the Capek Prize for Technology Innovation 2017!

As a leading integrated company of underwater robots and social platform for underwater image and video communications, Youcan Robotics is committed to the research and development and innovation of underwater robots. The company participated in the Capek Prize for the first time and stood out among many participating companies, winning the the Capek Prize for Technology Innovation 2017. The Capek Prize is the most credible and influential prize in China's robotics industry, and it is a great recognition and award for Youcan Robotics.

The Capek Prize includes a number of prizes for foreign and domestic industrial robots, parts, system integrators, artificial intelligence, service robots, industry organizations, individuals and other fie

Today, artificial intelligence and big data are hot trends in various fields. Based on its powerful computer algorithm and image recognition and information processing techniques, Youcan Robotics applied image recognition and intelligent tracking technology to underwater robots for the first time and launched BW Space, the world's first intelligent tracking underwater robot. Youcan Robotics enables the underwater robot to automatically track and shoot underwater, making underwater exploration easier and more efficient.

Service robots have mushroomed in China in recent years, ranging from sweeping robots to home education robots to entertainment consumer robots. Since its establishment, Youcan Robotics began with entertainment consumer robots and the BW1 developed in 2016 broke the professional divers' privilege of underwater exploration. At the beginning of the fierce competition in the consumer underwater robot market, it began to change its thinking, starting from the needs of users in the market and taking the road of intelligent innovation. In 2018, BW Space, the intelligent consumer underwater tracking drone, was launched. It is also the world's first intelligent underwater drone, which can be widely used in underwater photography, underwater exploration, recreational diving, sea-bottom survey, archaeology, scientific research and teaching, search and rescue, marine environmental protection and other fields.

Named after the creator of the word "robot"-- the Czech science fiction writer Karel Capek, the Capek Prize is established by Robot-China and is designed to be a witness and promoter of the development of the robot industry. Since 2014, the Capek Prize has been successfully held for three times and has developed into the most credible and influential prize in China's robot industry. The award aims to set a standard for enterprises in the robot industry by awarding the leading enterprises with strategic vision in the year and promoting the model innovative enterprises, and to reward individuals who are active in promoting the overall innovation capability and the development of the industry, affirming their contributions to the industry. In the future, the Capek Prize will be dedicated to becoming “the Nobel Prize” in the robotics industry.