A Non-typical Zhangjiang female – Jenny, a post-90s sales director of Youcan Robot

Release Date: Mar 08, 2018

It is called "Zhangjiang female" who always appear with black-rimmed glasses, long hair or simple ponytail, handcuffs practical storage bag, jeans, flat comfortable shoes, ubiquitous mobile phone and ear wire, a plain face or with layer BB cream. But Jenny, sales director of Youcan Robot, is a non-typical Zhangjiang female.

As a post-90s startup manager, Jenny has the mature and bold spirit of the post-80s and the free and sharp character of the post-90s.She used to majored in science and engineering, so she is usually casual in daily life, wearing black-rimmed glasses and flat shoes, pursuing "pragmatism", and being easygoing and friendly with colleagues. However, when it comes with her work, she is very delicate, mature and decisive. On important occasions, Jenny makes an office lady out of herself. She will take care of her appearance and take action vigorously and speedily.

She has her own unique understanding and label for "Zhangjiang female", she thinks being such female should be independent and courageous, intelligent and intellectual.

The following is Jenny, sales director of Youcan Robot, in an interview with "Hello ! Zhangjiang" to talk about her style of being a Zhangjiang female.